How much Cool Whip should I use?
I generally make my Pudding Shots with 4oz (1/2 a tub) of Cool Whip because my friends like to taste the “kick” of the liquor. Feel free to use 8oz if you wish. They are just as good, will get firmer in the freezer in less time, you’ll get more out of a batch, and you wont taste that “kick” as much.
What size cups should I get?
I use 1oz plastic shot cups. Feel free to use any size you choose.
How many shots will a batch make?
In general a recipe will yield 23 – 33 1oz shots. This will all depend on what else you’re adding and how long you’ve whisked your pudding or Cool Whip. There are some recipes that yield 50 or more.
Are you affiliated with any liquor brands?
No, I have no affiliations with any of the liquor brands I choose in the photos. I either choose them because they’re available or because they are my personal preference.
Why do you use brand names?
When I put a specific brand name in a recipe, it’s for a reason. For example, not all Strawberry vodkas are the same. Some taste like Strawberry and some taste like Strawberry cream.
What is your liquor of choice?
My “clear” liquor of choice for making Pudding Shots is Vodka since it has less “flavor” than other clear liquors. Feel free to use any “clear” liquor you like such as Rum, Gin, etc.
Does expensive liquor make my shots better?
When making pudding shots, use the cheapest liquor you can buy, unless the recipe otherwise notes. The flavor of the pudding will make it work.
What size bottles should I get?
When making a bunch of flavors and they all have different liquors that you would never normally drink, DO NOT waste your money on buying full bottles. Buy the little airplane bottles or the bottles you see behind the liquor store counter. This will give you enough to make what you want and not get stuck having a bunch left over or spending a bunch of money.
Does pudding brand make a difference?
Yes, there is a difference in the pudding brand. Jell-O brand gets fluffier and is creamier. Royal brand and other brands I’ve found don’t get as fluffy and are sometimes “grainy”. When I’m only making a batch or 2, I use Jell-O. When I have 30 batches to make, I use a store brand. Generally the flavor is no different.
Does Alcohol content make a difference?
Yes, the alcohol content in the recipe DOES matter. The higher the alcohol content of the liquor you choose, the more likely you will be using 8oz of Cool Whip
Will liquor in the shots be frozen if I put shots in the freezer?
In general liquor alone does not freeze. The exception to that is Three Olives brand. There are a lot of the Three Olives brand flavors that will freeze or slush up when put in the freezer.
What do I do if I can’t get the flavor of liquor I want?
Because I’ve been making Pudding Shots for so long, there are times I will go “old school” and just make my own flavors of vodka. My motto is “If you can’t buy it, make it”
What other whipped creams work good?
I have never used anything else other than Cool Whip. Suggestions have been to use Real whipping cream. I’ve never tried it so I have no idea how it will come out.  Of what I’ve heard, you can NOT use something like Redi Whip.  I’ve been told to use Real Whipping Cream with a powder Sugar stabilizer.  Redi Whip does not hold up and will break down and turn to water.
How do I make unique pudding shots that have never been done before?
Have an open mind when making your own flavors. Use baking Flavor packs, food coloring, extracts, flavored creamers, flavored milks, etc.
What decorations do you recommend?
Get creative and decorate them as you wish. Use garnishes, Chocolate shavings, fruit, syrups, cupcake decorations, etc. I don’t decorate them as much because I’m usually doing 300 at a time for a big party or bar.
Can you help me change flavors used in your recipes?
Yes and no. If you don’t like a particular flavor in a recipe, that’s fine. The recipe I’m posting is for that particular flavor. I have hundreds of recipes I’ve posted with other flavors you may like. If you don’t find a flavor you like, ask me. I also have hundreds of flavors I haven’t even posted yet.
How much ingredients should I buy at once?
I buy stuff in bulk, especially if it’s on sale or a Season flavor. Pudding seems to last forever.
Is it ok to freeze creamer?
Yes, you can freeze creamer. I do it all the time, especially with Seasonal flavors. Put them in the refrigerator to completely defrost and them shake well. I have recently been told that the Sugar Free creamers do not freeze well and separate once defrosted.
Who is the original pudding shot pioneer?
I have no idea.  This is the first Web Site and Facebook page that I found when I first started making them in 2008/2009.  Yes, there are other Pudding Shot sites out there.  This Web Page and the Facebook page are the ORIGINAL Pudding Shot Pages.  There are some pages that will mimic what we look like with our Profile & Cover photos along with recipes and memes.  That’s OK with us and we take pride in knowing that they look up to us and want to be like us.
Can I share your recipes?
 Yes, we don’t mind that you SHARE our recipe’s.  NOTICE I said SHARE.  This means we will not tolerate anyone reposting our recipes and/or photos on any Web, Blogs, Social Media, etc. without including a link to our specific page or SHARING the post so it directly links back to us. We have spent time and money developing the recipes and do own them.
Do I really need to put them in the freezer?
 Yes.  99.99% of the recipe’s need to be placed in the freezer.
What is the consistency of Pudding Shots?
 Most will be like Soft Serve Ice Cream.