In August 2009, after making 250 boring Jell-O shots for a weekend in the Keys with my girlfriends, I came up with the idea to make Pudding Shots.  I was very tired of making regular Jell-O shots and since I have a sweet tooth, wanted something different.  The first ones I ever made were Chocolate, Creamsicle, Root Beer, Cherry, Butterscotch, and Pina Colada.  After that, things just exploded.  I started looking at every food item to see how I could incorporate them into Pudding Shots.

Early on I realized that in order to make the Pudding Shot flavors I wanted, I would have to start infusing my own alcohol.  I mean, I saw that it was done with Skittles, so I figured I’d try it with everything else.  That’s when I started experimenting with every possible candy you could imagine.  Candy Corn was my first. Then I tried Caramel, Tootsie Roll, Milky Way, Snickers, and 3 Musketeers.  I had little bottles filled with candy and vodka all over my house.  Within 15 days I had come up with 33 Flavors.  After that, the thoughts just flowed.

Each recipe has taken quite a while to come up with to obtain the perfect combination of flavor and liquor to tantalize your taste buds.  I’ll admit, there have been some EPIC failures.  If the recipe isn’t mine, I have always acknowledged who it’s from.  Please note, just because we are giving permission to see our recipes, we are not giving permission to re-post them as your own.  We will not tolerate anyone reposting our recipes and/or photos on any Web, Blogs, Social Media, etc. without including a link to our specific page or SHARING the post so it directly links back to us. We have spent time and money developing the recipes and do own them.  IF you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us.

1st set of pudding shots

My Freezer after the 1st set of Pudding Shots were made.

my poor kitchen

What my poor kitchen looked like the 2nd week I got into making Pudding Shots.


ready to go pudding shots

Second set of Pudding Shots I ever made. Getting ready to bring them to a friend’s house.

Chocolate candy infused liquor

First attempt at infusing Chocolate Candy